Ripening Schedule 2016

Last Update: 01/18/2017  


Following is a list of the apples we grow and the dates we expect to have them for sale at our market.  Sorry we are not a U-Pick Orchard and the apples that we have listed below as available should be in our market ready for purchasing.

June   23       Lodi  - SOLD OUT - Best Applesauce Apple in our opinion!

July   15        Wealthy - SOLD OUT -  Great Tart Apple Pie and Apple Sauce Maker

            25       Ginger Gold - SOLD OUT - Early Golden Delicious Apple

Aug   12        Gala - SOLD OUT - First great sweet eating apple of the season!  Aromatic it is Excellent for Eating, Drying and Sauces.  Good for Pies.  Cross between Cox's Pippin Orange and Golden Delicious.

           20       Jonathan - AVAILABLE NOW - Great multipurpose apple!  Considered a tart apple one of the best for making pies, turnovers and sweet treats!  Not considered a good keeping apple.

            25      Golden Delicious - SOLD OUT - A great desert or eating apple best for use in salads and sauces.  Not considered to be a good keeping apple due to its thin skin.

           28    Granny Smith - LIMITED AVAILABILITY #2 ONLY - Originally started from the seeds of an apple thrown from the kitchen window in New Zealand.  Probably the tartest apple we grow.  Considered by many to be a great pie maker.  Personally we like the Jonathan better for this purpose.  Granny Smith is considered a very good keeping apple.

Sept.   8    Early Fuji  - NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR DUE TO HAIL DAMAGE - An early sport of the Fuji variety, a sweet eating apple but does not keep long-term like the regular, later Fuji apple we grow.   

           12     Jonagold - SOLD OUT - A cross between the Jonathan and Golden Delicious apple it is considered by many to be one of the best flavored apples being grown today.  Especially good while the apple still has it's crunch, (2-3 weeks after picking).  It is not considered to be a keeping apple.  It is a great multipurpose apple for eating, sauce-making or baking.
          12  Red Delicious - SOLD OUT - Considered a good eating apple but not highly recommended for making deserts or sauces?  Considered a ok keeping apple and the worlds most planted variety.
Oct    10     Winesap - SOLD OUT - Our first winter keeping apple we pick of the season.  Has a unique winey sweet tart flavor, we like to call the winesap a winter Jonathan.  Rated nearly equally in all the uses the Jonathan apple is, the real advantage of this apple is the keeping ability of this apple.

                  Braeburn - NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR DUE TO HAIL DAMAGE - Another winter apple originally from New Zealand this sweet tart apple is again much like a jonathan but does not have the full red color like a winesap or jonathan.  This apple is considered one of the best keeping apples we grow.

            12    Fuji - SOLD OUT - A delicious sweet winter apple originally brought from Japan.  This apple is considered one of the top 2 keeping apples we grow.  Our personal favorite for a long term sweet eating apple.  We have actually taken these apples from our own refrigerators, stored in the bag we sell them in, in early August following the year we originally picked them.  So they were stored 9 months and other than the skin being shriveled, we peeled the apples and amazingly the apples still had an acceptable eating characteristics.  

            12    Cameo -SOLD OUT- Another sweet winter eating apple it looks a little like a blushed Red Delicious apple.  We would consider it on par with a Braeburn but not as good keeping as the Fuji.

           20    York Imperial -SOLD OUT - Another antique winter apple variety it is considered to be a great multipurpose apple.  It's a mild sweet apple that is also considered good for deserts and processing.  Considered to have been one of the preimer keeping apples in it's time we don't feel it's as good as the fuji or cripps pink.

          30   Cripps Pink (aka Pink Lady®) - SOLD OUT -The last winter apple we pick of the season and rarely gets picked before Oct. 25th.  This highly anticipated sweet tart apple is known for it's keeping ability.  One of the best two keeping apples we grow and it's late picking date only helps with its long-term storability.  The surface of the apple is not a smooth finish like a fuji and is uniquely textured unlike any apple we grow.  It's unique blush pink colored skin is also unlike any apple we grow.  A great late eating apple that some say gets even better after is stored a few weeks.  We hope to be acquiring a sport of this variety that will mature a couple of weeks earlier than the original.  Hopefully this new sport will be more true to the original sport than the early fuji has turned out to be.


Last Update of this page: 9/1/2016

Yellow Peaches

Lucky 13 - JULY 8 - 22 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - Rapidly becoming a favorite peach for those who have tried it!

Redstar -- JULY 10 - 19 - SOLD OUT - Freestone  - Great peach with excellent flavor. Size is slightly larger than the redhaven.

Redhaven -- JULY 12 - 21 - SOLD OUT - Our most popular peach and what everyone considers to be the first freestone peach. Botanically it is considered a semi-cling, we feel the early picked peaches and undermature peaches tend to stick to the seed. The later picked and soft ripe peaches tend to pull free easily from the seed like a freestone.

Flaming Fury - - JULY 18 - 30 - Freestone - SOLD OUT - All we know is its a Yellow Freestone Peach

007 -- JULY 18 - 28 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - One of our larger peaches we grow! And who can't love the James Bond Peach!!! :)

Starfire -- JULY 18 - 25 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - Nice peach redhaven like peach, Slightly redder and more of a freestone than the redhaven

Coralstar -- JULY 18 - JULY 31 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - A peach with a little more size than the contender, we are starting to hear more people coming in and asking for it by name year after year.

Glowingstar -- JULY 26 - AUG 9 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - Nice peach slightly smaller than Coralstar.

Beaumont -- JULY 26 - AUG 1 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - This is a sweet juicy medium to large peach.

Contender -- JULY 20 - AUG 3  - SOLD OUT  - Freestone - This is probably our most popular and best known mid-season peach. It's no longer a contender, it's a champion now!

Encore -- AUG 15 - AUG 25 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - The last peach of the season is the best thing we can say about this peach! Personally every peach we grow before this one is better than this one. So our recommendation is don't wait till now to get your peaches unless you have no other option.

White Peaches

Updated 9/1/16

 -- JULY 9 - JULY 16  - SOLD OUT - Due to the limited amount we grow, we suggest you call and reserve these to assure you getting these. This is the most unusual shaped peach you've ever seen. Looks like you flattened a regular peach, dark red and if you removed the seed from the middle it would look like a donut. Our family has quickly found this peach to be one we look forward too for it's excellent unique sweet flavor. Be sure to sample one when your stopping by the market.
Nectar -- JULY 9 - 31 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - We've grown this white peach for years now. It's a consistently nice sized peach with that unique low-acid flavor white peaches are famous for.
Summer Pearl -- JULY 30 - AUG 10 - SOLD OUT - Freestone - Our late season, white peach. Another great low acid peach with that classic white peach flavor.


All dates are approximate and may vary due to Mother Nature. Please contact us for the latest information!

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